Right Place, Right Time Assessment Results

A good broad brush introduction to get you thinking.

In la recent newsletter, I shared what I learned about the importance of place as we age. I also learned about a free assessment that helps you take stock of your current place to help you plan for the future. Here are my results:

Assessment Results

My “Right Place, Right Time” Assessment Results

First, my general observations: The assessment covers the four broad areas that are most important to thriving in a place, so you do get a complete picture. Along with this scorecard, you receive a few words describing the rating element, links to additional resources based upon your results, and suggestions about how to proceed. The assessment takes about five minutes to complete. Painless and straightforward.

Next, my specific observations about my results: My place rated “High” overall and each element except Social Connection, where it rated “Medium.” Broadly speaking, that’s pretty accurate. I live fairly far from all of my close friends and relatives, and this is probably what I like least about my current place. (Hi friends and I miss you👋💖).

Theoretically, I guess my place does, in fact, rate “High.” If I had no other options, and needed to stay here forever, it does generally meet the basic elements in the assessment. It wouldn’t be a tragic mistake for me to stay here if necessary. I wouldn’t be blindsided by something unpleasant.

But would I like it? Probably not. There are other things that I also dislike about my current place that aren’t really reflected in my scores. In fact, I’m hoping to move within the year because of them. ‘

So I also think this assessment is a good broad brush introduction to get you thinking. You probably have a list of things that aren’t directly addressed in this assessment—but are important to you—that you need to factor into your decision-making when you’re looking to make a move. To make a good move, I’d rely on both types of data.

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